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Sapa Tour Packages, Sapa Trekking Tour Package, Sapa tour package from hanoi of Rosanta Travel which are designed to experience the best local destinations with Reasonable price (or at least cost) but all included (Except: international round-trip flights tickets (come to Vietnam and return from Vietnam)), No hide cost, Best services, Pro, Unique organized tours. Book Now Today! To get Special Price, Save cost for your vietnam vacation package. We provide Sapa tour packages started from Hanoi city such as: sapa tour package, sapa 3 days 2 nights, sapa local tour, sapa private tour, sapa homestay tour, sapa trek tour, sapa easy trekking, hanoi sapa trip, 3 days in sapa, sapa trekking tour, vietnam sapa trip, hanoi to sapa tours, sapa trekking homestay, sapa hiking tours, best sapa tours, sapa 2 day tour, trekking sapa tours, hanoi halong bay sapa tour package, sapa homestay trekking, sapa valley trekking, sapa village tour, best sapa treks, sapa trekking routes, sapa trip from hanoi, sapa trekking on your own, sapa trekking tours vietnam, sapa trekking tour from hanoi, sapa vietnam tours, sapa tours from hanoi, tours in sapa vietnam, sapa adventure tours, sapa package tour, sapa travel packages, sapa tours from hanoi tripadvisor, sapa tour package from hanoi, sapa tour package singapore, sapa tours from hanoi reviews, sapa tour package malaysia, sapa valley tour, sapa walking tours, sapa valley trek, sapa adventure tours, sapa group tour, best sapa trekking tours, best trekking in sapa, sapa easy trekking tour.

We provide a wide range of sapa tour packages from Hanoi city so that satisfy your travel favourite and styles. Sapa tour package, sapa trekking tours, sapa trekking homestay comprises all transport, accommodations, tour guide, admission / entrance fees,... which sold together. We are always free customized a vacation for you Now! and we are also always in need of your support !!! See more our vietnam vacation package, Sapa trekking tour package: Sapa - Hanoi - Halong Bay - Trang An Caves, Sapa Trekking Tour 3 Days, Hanoi - Tam Coc - Sapa Tour Package, Sapa Trekking Tour 2 Days, Sapa - Hanoi - Halong Bay - Tam Coc, Sapa - Hanoi - Halong Bay, Fansipan Cable Car - Sapa Trekking 3 Days, Sapa Package Tour, Bac Ha Sunday Market - Sapa Trekking, Sapa Trekking Tour Package, Sapa Trekking Homestay

Sapa tour packages, Sapa trekking tour packages, Sapa 2 days trekking tour are the great trips for trekking through stunning terrace fields, you will see the dept of many mountains, very beautiful places with panorama views. You will overnight at homestay of local people in small villages but big impression… such as: Y Linh Ho village, Lao Chai village, Ta Van village, Giang Ta Chai village, Cat Cat village, Sin Chai village, Suoi Thau village, Ma Tra village, Ta Fin Village...

Sapa is a rural district of Lào Cai Province in the Northeast mountainous region of Vietnam, 350km from Hanoi City. The district covers an area of 681 km2, the population is about 61,000 people of ethnic minorities as: Black H'Mong people, Red Dzao people, Xa Pho, Tay, Zay...etc. The district capital lies at Sa Pa Town, the altitude is around 1500 to 1650 metres above sea level with an average temperature of 14-18°C, cool in summer but a bit cold in winter. Trekking villages in Sapa, to learn more about indigenous culture of ethnic minorities, and people forget everything, just enjoy the fresh air, clouds, sky, romantic & majestic scenery…, that is the reason why Sapa Town is also known as the town in the cloud. Being one of the most attractive tourism destinations of Vietnam, Sapa is a precious gift that Mother Nature dedicates to Vietnam country. Sapa always attracts tourists in all the year.

Y Linh Ho village locates about 6 km southwest of Sapa town, on the west side of Muong Hoa River. Y Linh Ho is a small commune composed by a dozen of small hamlets scattering on the very tough mountain terrain with high and steep mountains. There are some hundred inhabitants from the Black H’mong only living in this commune. They built their rudimentary houses on their farmland and mainly cultivate corn and dry rice on the steep hillsides. The only way to get to the commune is on foot from the main road. The Black Mong who wear very dark clothing in blacks and navy dyed with indigo (often seen on the hands of older Mong women)”.

Lao Chai village locates about 8 Km southeast of Sapa town on the west bank of Muong Hoa River. Lao Chai is a commune composed by three large villages with over 100 families of the Black H’mong ethnic. From a high point of the main road 8 Km from Sapa town, great view of the whole village open wide to offer the marvelous panorama of the village, backed by high mountains and facing the river. The H’mong people in this village experience rice intensive farming on the lower land near the bottom of the valley as main source of earning while growing corn on the mountain slopes at the back of the village. In this village which you will have a welcome feeling at any house of the hospitable people there. You can interact them, learn about their culture and customs.”

Ta Van village locates about 12 Km southeast of Sapa town. Ta Van is a small village set within a picturesque Muong Hoa valley where the Dzay and H’mong minority people tribes live in together. You will have a good chance to trapse around the terrace ricefield and experience a bit of rural village life, and experience an overnight at home stay with a family of Dzay people here. A night stay here will give you a close-up experience of the life-style and typical culture of the area”.

Giang Ta Chai village is located on the top of a hill and looks down the Muong Hoa Valley about 13 Km southeast of Sapa town where the Red Zao minority people live there, coming there you will have chance to experience their lifestyle as well learn more about their unique culture. Red Zao minority people are the second biggest group of hill minority people in Sapa in Vietnam. They always wear their colorful traditional costumes. Giang Ta Chai village is one of the famous travel destinations, offers travelers gorgeous view of mountain and rice paddy fields at the other side of Muong Hoa Valley, and interesting trekking paths through bamboo forest...”

Su Pan village locates about 15 Km southeast of Sapa town. Su Pan commune has 4 small villages of the Black H’mong and Red Zao minority people tribes live in there, the villages look down to the Muong Hoa Valley with rudimental houses are built on the high hill with many rock and gravel, their farmland is also so many rock and gravel. So Su Pan can be referred one of the poorest communes in Sapa due to the thin and poor soil. Here the local people cultivate the maize / corn tree for their staple food”.

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