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How to visit Halong bay

04 Aug 2018

How to visit Halong bay ???


I. To plan a day trip or two days trip to Halong Bay in Vietnam >>> the necessary information to you:

>>> Dear everyone, in order to having a Halong bay trip:

1) For Halong Bay 1 Day Joining a Group Tour, or Halong Bay 2 Days Joining a Group Tour you have to start from Hanoi City to Halong Bay at 7:30AM to 8:45AM or from Halong City at 12:00PM (noon) to 12:20PM at the Halong bay harbor, because there are only the joining a group tours in Hanoi city to Halong Bay or in Halong city to Halong Bay for the daily tours >>> Therefore you must be start from Hanoi City or Halong City!

2) For Halong Bay 1 Day Private Tour (tour for only your group) >>> you can start from anywhere that you want!

II. To plan a vacation or a trip to Hanoi city or Ho Chi Minh city in Vietnam

1) The plan of days-off number for your vacation in Vietnam

2) You need to have a passport, and to check your passport again to make sure your passport is valid at least as six months or more.

3) You need to have a Visa or a Visa-on-arrival Letter: 

>>> Read more: to apply for a e-visa entry Vietnam country

“Please be sure that your visa has been pre-arranged, or your visa-on-arrival letter has been pre-arranged too. These documents will be presented to the customs inside the airport to entry into Vietnam country”.

4) Your personal travel insurance

5) You need to book your internetional flights tickets (around trip) from your country to Noi-Bai International Airport in Hanoi City in North Vietnam  or Tan-Son-Nhat International Airport in Ho Chi Minh City South Vietnam.

>>> Note: from Hanoi City in North Vietnam to Ho Chi Minh City in South Vietnam which is about 1,700KM by the highway or (2hours fly)

6) You need to book the hotel rooms for your vacation in Hanoi city or Ho Chi Minh city… in Vietnam

7) Just leave all your worries behind, and once you arrive in Vietnam at Noi-Bai International Airport in Hanoi City in Northern Vietnam or at Tan-Son-Nhat International Airport in Ho Chi Minh City Southern Vietnam >>> We will pick you up at there and we can arrange you for a transfer from Airport to your hotel.

>>> Just come and join with us - Rosanta Travel, Vietnam, make sure that you will have a actual impressive vacation/ holiday with highlight destinations in Vietnam.

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